New Delhi: The country’s wheat exports more than doubled to USD 1.48 billion during April-September 2022-23 as compared to the year-ago period, the commerce ministry said on Wednesday. The exports stood at USD 630 million in the year-ago period.

Though the government banned wheat exports in May, some shipments are allowed to meet food security needs of the countries that request for it.

“Wheat export rose to USD 1,487 million in April-September 2022 from USD 630 million in April-September 2021,” the ministry said.

The global wheat supply has been seriously disrupted because of the Russia-Ukraine war. Both nations are major wheat producers.

The ministry also said exports of agricultural and processed food products rose 25 per cent during the six- month period of this fiscal year.

The overall export of Agricultural and Processed Food Export Development Authority (APEDA) products increased to USD 13.77 billion in April-September 2022 from USD 11.05 billion in the same period a year ago.

For 2022-23, an export target of USD 23.56 billion has been fixed by APEDA and export of USD 13.77 billion has already been achieved in the six-month period, it added.

Similarly, export of fresh fruits increased to USD 313 million during the period under reviews as compared to USD 301 million a year ago.

Export of lentils increased from USD 135 million to USD 330 million.

Basmati rice exports too increased to USD 2.28 billion during April-September 2022 from USD 1.66 billion a year ago.

Shipments of non-basmati rice registered a growth of 8 per cent to USD 3.20 billion.

Similarly, export of poultry products rose 83 per cent to USD 57 million, while shipments of dairy products increased 58 per cent to USD 342 million.


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