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Part I

1. Power in the Corporate World
  • There is always a search for power
  • CEOs struggle for power is like Warfare strategy
    • Books on same:
      • The Art of War, by Sun Tzu
      • Kautilya’s Arthashastra
  • Factors that lead to true power
    • Intellectual Power
    • Man Power
      • Peter Drucker says “The aim of marketing is to know and understand our customers so well that the product or service fits them and sells itself”
    • Financial Power
      • Financial success gives a lot of courage
    • Power of Enthusiasm and Morale
      • More Energy leads more productivity
      • Inspire and motivate
2. Power brings Responsibilities
  • Chanakya says “ For the king, there is (danger of) revolt in the interior or in the outer region.” (8.2.2)
  • Leader has to be wary of and protect himself from ‘revolt’ – dissatisfied employees, shareholders, an stakeholders. Also, from external threats from suppliers, customers, and clients.
  • For this:
    • Understand The Needs of the Market
      • Need Analysis of customers
      • Avoid Analysis Paralysis for customers
      • Differentiate between need and greed
    • Remember Old Clients While Making New Ones
    • Solve The Problem Immediately
3. The Art of Punishment

  • At the same time Leader has to disciplinarian. Flexible with employees but do not lose focus.
  • Kautilya’s Arthashastra –  Dandaniti, the art, or the strategy, of punishments.
    • “If the rod is not used at all, the stronger swallows the weak in the absence of the wielder of the rod” (1.4. 13-14)
    • “The King severe with rod (punishment) becomes a terror. A king with a mild rod is despised. The king just with the rod is honoured.” (1.4.8-10)

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