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By Heemang Parmar


Brahmdev from Naval: Consciousness
Vishnu: Vishnu in technical sense is nothing but the space that exists, so he is the one who manifests space in the void or is the space itself.

Vishnu lying on bed on Shesh Nag:
Representation of Space lying on bed of Time which itself is in Milky Way(Ksheer Sagar)

Shesh Nag/ Anant Nag: Infinite Time
Lakshmi serving Vishnu: Vishnu not chasing Maya, Maya serving Vishnu
Chakra: Mindfulness, Blissful, Control over Mind
Ksheer Sagar: 
Ocean of Milk, Mind. Waves in this ocean is yours.


Kaustubha Mani:He is the owner of the most precious of material possessions anyone can have, this is just another way to say that human life is not only about spirituality but also about materialism, or the dualism of being the everything and still having material possession. 

Kaustubham is also were Sri Lakshmi(Consort of Vishnu) resides.

Srivatsa mark:

This mark is present on the chest, where Laksmi resides, venerating the goddess.


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