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By Heemang Parmar


Roman Temples

  • Well constructed and focus on Front Fasade, Back slightly ignored or not that well constructed
  • One Main Stairs to to reach
  • Location: Built in Urban areas in cities
  • Size: Normal Bigger, no surprise as They we re glamorous people. However, Inner room will be smaller. Inner areas not accesible to the public. Many rites or rituals performed outside the Temple. So open areas your would find for such rituals.
  • Above the ground. Made on Pedestal.
  • Temple for Rompans: Word “Temploom” – Place used for worshipping. Structure is called “Iris”.

Greek Temples

  • Stairs around the Temple, can be reached from any side
  • Elevated areas of the city, dominating the city
  • Emerged from the ground. Part of the surrounding.
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