The U S Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) is working on around 200 projects that will unlock investments worth $ 37 billion in India, according to, the Director of the agency. Speaking to journalists in Delhi, she said, “There are 200 activities in India across clean energy transportation, digital infrastructure, and health care. We estimate that portfolio will unlock $ 37 billion in financing if these projects are implemented.”

Ebong, who came to Delhi last week, has been reviewing infrastructure projects that are being developed under the various partnerships between India and the US. She said the focus of this visit has been on renewable energy, and spreading broadband connectivity in 16 states.

Commenting on the projects that are being developed in the country, she said that they can be financed by private, public sector, and multi-lateral banks. “We ensure that financiers have the confidence in projects by preparing them properly,” she said.

The USTDA has also signed agreements with eight state governments under an inter-state clean energy procurement partnership. She said that the goal of this exercise is to train officers about the importance of procuring high quality infrastructure while assessing lifecycle cost analysis, and best value. “All of this leads to stronger and more resilient infrastructure,” Ebong said.

This new partnership covers Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal.

“While the current initiative is related to procurement, but we would also like to develop projects,” she said and also added that Green Hydrogen was ‘much discussed’ during her meetings with the Indian government officials.

Ebong’s visit to India is in line with the Just Energy Transition Partnership (JETP) being steered by G7 nations to push the decarbonisation agenda. The partnership is globally facing backlash from developing nations like India that do not want to immediately shelve coal based energy generation.Responding to a query on JETP, Ebong said, “All of our work fits well with the concept framework of JETP. We are looking to assist and partner with stakeholders and really trying to get the projects operational.”

She said that the USTDA has been working towards projects for carbon capture, methane mitigation, and ways to reduce emissions in India.


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